A life abroad

Writing this blog came to me as a way of exploring the differences and similarities of two different cultures. Being Portuguese and living in London for 2 years, allowed me to have a quirky and funny perspective on how these two worlds come together and also what keeps them so far apart. This blog will explore this weirdness through my eyes but it will go further, I hope, and several other things will be published here.

Being a native Portuguese, some people may find it strange that I’m opting to write in English. Well, I do have another blog since 2007, completely written in my mother tongue. I expect with this blog to improve my English skills beyond the everyday emails I write at work, doing so in a fun and relaxed way. All comments and/or corrections are welcome!

It is also my wish that I will be able to provide a more accurate view of my country beyond the usual media clichés as lazy-party-people and please-help-us-we’re-in-debt! As any country on Earth, we’re much more than that, certainly with huge flaws but also with lots of positive aspects that are worth to share and to know better.

Please feel welcome to the life of a Portuguese abroad!


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