Nice long weekend

So, nice long bank holiday weekend over here! Must say I wasn’t expecting much of the weather and was happily surprised by yesterday’s sunny day. Had planned to get a few things organised and some others done but most of it was left to be done while I was enjoying the sun. So instead of updating my personal finances file, writing on my blogs, replying to emails and much more, I opted to give myself the chance of producing vitamin D on my garden.

People who knows me know how difficult I find the weather in the UK. Coming from a sunny country in southern Europe, I must admit that the lack of sun hugely affects my mood and my general wellbeing. That’s the reason why each time the sun comes out I feel it like a glorious bliss that I must take advantage of.

Still sunny today although not so warm like yesterday. Will seat outside anyway and enjoy the last few hours of my lazy looong weekend. Procrastination is my middle name…


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