I was never a girl specially gifted for house duties. I was born in the 80’s when certain tasks, traditionally seen as women tasks, were becoming outdated and I have never had any interest in it. Ok, I would have to share some tasks with my sister at home, but the truth is I never saw myself as doing much more than the weekly cleaning, tiding up and washing the dishes. Apart from this, I always liked to cook although I’ve never put a great effort on it. I still cook, cook better and enjoy it even more now.

However, recently I got interest in sewing. I remember being taught a few things at school, I should be 10 or 11 at the time. But we grow up, become teenagers, go to university and we can never see ourselves performing tasks typically seen as being for grandmothers (which both my grandmothers did very well). I can actually imagine some of my friends raising their eyebrows if I told them I just got a sewing machine. But I did. And I’m quite happy with it. I still don’t know much about it or how to manage the machine itself but I will learn. Some blogs and websites are truly inspiring and with some effort and lots of practice I’m sure I will be able to do some projects in a near future. I already have a few things in mind but the biggest project I want to get done by the end of the year is a quilt. For now, I’m still learning how to do hems… Updates on my sewing will follow soon! Xx


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