Portugal’s day


Tomorrow is Portugal’s day. In fact is the day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese communities.  It will be a bank holiday over there but for all the other Portuguese around the world it will be just another maniac Monday. Anyway, given the impossibility of celebrating it tomorrow, today a big party is going on in Kennington Park and on my third year in London, I finally attended this great event. Not wanting to look snobb, I wasn’t expecting much from it apart from the food. Usually the music is what we call “pimba”, another word for “popular”, the decoration could be better and the time spent in queues for food or drinks puts me off. But the food is great and for lots of people its a good opportunity to eat some foods that are not available in London on our daily lives as chouriço assado, bifana and grilled sardines (more on that in future posts).

My boyfriend (a true Englishman) was quite disappointed about the lack of sense of opportunity to properly advertise the country to foreigners. There’s a point in that statement but I must say that it isn’t a surprise for me. Not that we are unable to do it but I believe the management of the event is taken by simple people who just want to listen to music, share some drinks and eat some good food while speaking our language. Still, I was quite amazed by the size of the event which was big I must say.

Of course, apart from all the corniness, it is always great for me to hear and speak Portuguese, to relate with people with so many in common with me and to eat one of my favourite foods ever: sardines. And when it comes to that, even the boyfriend agreed that they were pretty good.

Happy Portugal’s day!


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