And sew it goes

In the last few weeks I’ve been working not only on the header (a work in progress) but also on my “craftsy” side. Since I started sewing – and I am a beginner – I’ve sewed a few things: 3 sets of coasters and a bag. As a beginner, even cutting the fabric seems like a herculean task. It takes me ages to do it and because I am also a perfectionist, I like to do it properly. Of course, “properly”, given my expertise, is the best I can do. But anyway, since my first set of coasters to the bag, I’ve noticed an improvement and looking at the piece all done, I can’t help but feeling a bit of pride for my tiny achievement.

I’ve been looking and searching a lot on the internet. Some blogs and websites work for me as an inspiration. Others are great for learning, like Craftsy, where I learnt how to sew the bag. My next project will be a zipper poacher and given that in just 10 days I’ll be going home on holidays, it would be great if I could take some of my “creations” as   gifts for family and friends. Not to long to go so I better speed up and get my hands on those fabrics!







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