I’m alive!

Yes, I’m still here!

The last month has been quite busy. Holidays at home (photos soon) and enjoying this amazing heat wave that I tend to name Summer. In the meantime, I’ve given a thought about some aspects of my online life and has made a few decisions:

1. Write often. I love writing, I love blogs and lots of times I get myself thinking about things I should post here. Unfortunately, I’m lazy and a brilliant procrastinator and keep postponing it. As I am trying to get more organised and utilise my free time in a more efficient way (yes, I’m reading GTD – one more post to write), I’ll try to post and share all the things I always think of posting and actually never do.

2. I decided to end my Portuguese blog. Basically, I often feel overwhelmed by all the online things that fill my life: Email accounts, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkdin, blogs. My boyfriend keeps asking me why I don’t get a Twitter account and the answer is that I don’t want to have one more information platform to manage. It may be easy for lots of people but for me, combining all that with my offline life, it’s a bit too much. Even more when we consider that 85% of all that info is completely irrelevant.

Having said that, and because there’s no better way to express myself other than in Portuguese, this blog will, from now on, be written in both languages. In a way it will be harder but at the same time I will be practicing my translation skills while sharing bits of me for the two countries I keep in my heart. Lucky those who are wanting to learn a bit of Portuguese! Anyway, I hope the double work won’t put me off writing here and, on the contrary, will give me an extra motivation to do it.

I’m starting it tomorrow – a good procrastinator will procrastinate until the last minute. 🙂


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