Old times of our lives and why is it so hard to understand it

[Scroll down for English]

E dificil viver com uma pessoa que, tendo crescido sem uma miuda por perto como referencia (eram so rapazes la por casa), nao consegue compreender a excitacao a volta deste filme e desta musica: um marco incontornavel para as mulheres que, como eu, foram adolescentes nos anos 90. Bem sei que as interpretacoes sao fracas e bla bla bla. Na altura era bom, todo ele era musica e danca e ainda contava com o Patrick Swayze. Eram, portanto, motivos suficientes para adorar o filme e passar tardes inteiras a reproduzir as coreografias com as amigas enquanto suspiravamos pelo rapaz mais giro da escola ao som da banda sonora.


It is had to live with a person who has grown up without a girl as a reference (there were only boys at home) and doesn’t understand the excitement surrounding this film and this song: an unquestionable milestone for those girls who, like me, were teenagers in the 90’s. I know the acting is poor and bla bla bla. At the time it was good, with plenty of music and dancing and we could also see Patrick Swayze  for a couple of hours. Therefore, there were enough reasons to love it and spend whole afternoons with girlfriends dancing the choreographies while we thought about the cutest boy in school listening to the soundtrack.


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