A lovely cliché

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Ha dois anos andava eu a fazer contas a esta vida londrina e a pensar que talvez fosse hora de me por a caminho do sul, com Portugal e Angola no horizonte. Quis a vida que assim nao fosse e trocou-me as coordenadas, prometendo-me mais algum tempo por ca. Ha dois anos, chegaste-me de mansinho, sem alarido e eu deixei-me ficar. Hoje fazemos dois anos de nos e este post soa a declaracao de amor. Ha cliché melhor que este?

2013-07-04 21.15.412

Two years ago I was starting to wonder about my London life, thinking that maybe it was time for me to head south, having Portugal and Angola on my horizon. Life didn’t want it to happen that way and turned my GPS upside down, leaving me with the promise of spending some more time around here. Two years ago, you came to me slowly, without any fuss and I let myself stay. Today we celebrate two years of ourselves together and this post is sounding like a public love declaration. Is there any better cliché than this?


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