Productive inertia

[Scroll down for English]

Detesto lamentar-me pelo facto de nao escrever aqui tao frequentemente quanto gostaria mas e inevitavel nao faze-lo. Os ultimos dias tem sido bem preenchidos, nao tanto de tarefas e afazeres mas sobretudo na minha cabeca. Ando num turbilhao de ideias, a pensar em mil coisas diferentes e embora isto seja um impulso optimo para a minha motivacao, a verdade e que me deixa cansada e sem saber exactamente para que lado me virar primeiro. E, por isso, nao me viro para lado nenhum. Chamemos-lhe inercia produtiva.


I hate whining because I don’t write here as often as I would like but it is inevitable not do it. The last few days have been busy, not with tasks and other duties but mostly in my head. Tons of ideas, lots to think about, and a thousand different things are currently going on my mind and although this is a great boost for my motivation, in truth that makes me tired and indecisive on which thing to turn to first. And therefore I turn to none of it. Let’s call it productive inertia.


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