The world is your oyster… one challenge at a time

I want to start by saying that I have failed yesterday. It all began a few weeks ago when I saw this. I thought it was an interesting article, followed by an interesting talk and thought why not give it a try? The cool thing about taking a challenge is that reminds you of how many things you want to achieve and by sticking to it for a relatively short amount of time makes it more… achievable. Several things came up to my mind as to what I could challenge myself to – none of them included writing a book or get proficient in quantum physics. I’ve learned over the years that it’s better to start small, baby steps, one little thing at a time and then grow into a bigger thing gradually. So I’ve set up a few small goals that I hope to keep after the 30 day challenge:

1. Reply to every email on the same day I receive them. This may seem a bit silly but I find it extremely difficult to do it. Someone emails me, I’m at work, at the supermarket or in some place that makes it hard to reply straight away and I postpone it… for days, even weeks. It’s a nasty thing to do that I truly hope to improve. Actually I am not sure on what day I am regarding this challenge but I’ve been doing pretty well: no emails left without a reply for about 10 days.

2. Exercise everyday. This one comes as a hard one. I am lazy, my body is lazy and I am an unfit 33 year old human being. I’ve read somewhere that as you grow older you start to perceive your body in a different way. More than just looking good – and if you don’t care about your body your looks will slowly fade – it has to do with feeling well and realising how important it is to nurture your body in the best way possible. As I am in the process of stop smoking (been on e-cigarettes for almost 2 months now), I thought I should keep this healthy mindset and turn it into physical activity. As I said, I am the laziest of people so this should be a pretty big challenge for me. I first started looking out for gyms. I prefer to have classes rather than working out on the treadmill. The more bored I get, the more likely I will fail to workout regularly. Unfortunately, most gyms are expensive and paying it upfront doesn’t make you truly compromise to exercise – as we all knnow. I then found a gym where I could go but on my first visit I wasn’t too impressed. After a couple of days thinking about it I decided I would have to do it by myself, at home, no Personal Trainer, no women walking around naked on the changing room. It’s up to me. I started looking at videos, reading some articles and as I am not a total beginner (I was on acrobatics when I was younger) I figured out I was going to do it. It all started last Saturday, the 1st of March and should go until the 30th. Today, on my 3rd day, I have failed. Came home from work late, was tired and starving and skipped it. Shame on me!

3. Running the London Marathon 2015. The previous challenge led me to this one and although it is not a 30 day thing I still consider it a pretty good challenge to take on. Remember I said I hate the treadmill? That’s right, I also hate running. In Portugal, running has seen an increase in the last couple of years, I would even say it became trendy to be a runner. In the UK it’s a way of living. I never saw myself as being able to run, mainly living in London. If the activity in itself doesn’t seem too interesting to me, the cold and wet weather even puts me more off to it. But… on Saturday night, my boyfriend went out with a friend. When he came home he told me he had done something terrible (I thought he had been smoking normal cigarettes). Instead, he told me he compromised to his friend, who has had cancer in the past, to run the London Marathon next year, that is, running for a charity that supports people with cancer. He couldn’t say no and I am glad he couldn’t. If I needed a “push”, that was it. As total beginners we will need to learn. Mostly, we will need to keep ourselves motivated and going through cold, rainy days  when all we feel like is to be at home. I can’t run 1 km. Putting myself on the line to run almost 42 km one year from now is crazy! But we’ll do it by taking (lots of) small steps towards the goal. I feel I will have to push him harder than he will have to push me and that will be a challenge on its own!

Lots of other small, achievable goals are still on my list – eat healthier, buy responsibly, blog post everyday – but I think the ones I’m taking on now are going to take over my focus for the next few weeks. After that, as they say, the world is your oyster!

Someone up to a challenge for the next 30 days?



2 thoughts on “The world is your oyster… one challenge at a time

  1. I went for my morning jog and was actually considering half marathon next year. If you never ran I suggest you start with the NHS Couch To 5K programme. It is a podcast that guides you from short 60 second runs to a ful half hour in 2 months. I used it last year to train for a 5k jog and worked brilliantly. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the tip! I actually find quite difficult to decide what to read, download, listen to as there is so much information everywhere… It’s clearly one of those cases where less is more. I’ve been a bit lazy lately and the weather is not helping but I’m hoping I’ll get back on track this week. Thanks zebradaestepe!

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