On choice and change

Life can sometimes takes us to places we couldn’t ever imagine we would be. Those unexpected places can hold joy and can fear. I was never the kind of person that feared change. Maybe having moved house and city several times at a young age made me embrace it. Three years ago, covered in fear, I put myself forward the greatest change in my life: moving abroad all by myself. However, change always brings discomfort and the choices we’ve made may be later regretted. Along the way I’ve made good, positive choices and I’ve also made bad ones. All of them, regardless, brought me to where I am now. Recently, with a great amount of fear in my heart, I’ve made one more choice, one I believe that will take me to a nicer, better place and although I’m not sure where it is going to lead me, I hope and trust that it will get me to a point where more happy choices and changes will come.



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