Alentejo, my love

One of my favourite regions in the world is Alentejo. Not as popular abroad as the Algarve, Lisbon or Porto, Alentejo remains as a quiet undiscovered place. Its geography and landscape is beautiful, from it’s wild beaches to the plains filled with olive trees. There are castles on top of several hills, buildings that will take you on a journey back in time when Romans and Moors ruled the area. And there is the wine, the food, the amazing olive oil, handicraft and its simple people. The Guardian published today an article on how well you can eat in Alentejo (and how inexpensive it is). Last Summer, me and my boyfriend toured this area and stayed for a couple of days in Monsaraz. He still talks about how good the food was and recommends it to anyone who is thinking of travelling to Portugal.

For me the Alentejo is more than its food, wine or landscapes: the whole in not just the sum of the parts. A part of my heart will always lie there.

2013-07-10 22.22.18


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