It has been a long, long time!

Since I came here for the last time. Anyway, lots to do, lots to think about. In the meantime, Alex interviewed me for his project BlogAbout.London. Take a peek here.

Nice interview, interesting project. And the best part is that all Londoners can contribute with photos or writings. Hope you enjoy it and feel inspired!


Cristiano Ronaldo

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Pode ser bacoco, tonto, proprio de quem tem pouco de que se orgulhar. Pode ser que sim, mas, caramba, ele e de facto fenomenal e eu sinto um orgulho enorme em ver o meu pais crescer ca fora. Ainda que so nas contas do futebol.


It can be empty, silly, typical of who has little to be proud of. Maybe, but, dammit, he is indeed phenomenal and I feel an enormous pride in seeing my country growing bigger. Even if it’s only about football.